My Game Has A Bug Which Makes The Game Unplayable

Hello Devs, So recently ive been working on a backrooms game and its going great, everything works great well… it did. after a while of working one day i tested played the game and nothing worked, all i could see was the void, i cant move around, look around, or do anything. if anyone knows what this could be caused by please take the time out of your day to comment and help a dev out. i will post a video of whats happening shortly. Thank You!

Just revert to the version before the issue update?

also i dont know when it happened cuz i took a little break and then when i hopped on it was glitched

i dont see that in game settings

i can’t believe i need to do this but here you go:
ontop of studio, click game settings
it should greet you with this. now click “place”

select the three dots on the place you want to revert version, then click “version history”

now revert to the version before you added the update.

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