My game has a new npc!

I wonder who this is :thinking:

Try to guess if you wish but really its just a screenshot of something I’m working on.


the clothing has too many creases and the hat is too cylindrical and looks like it has too many thick straws. you should have a modelled hat (3d model)

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Looks good I just think the hat is a bit thick and real but sitll looks good and are u working on a game that the framer is a guy you can sell stuff to!

There are still many reworks to come but for some time this will be its current style.

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o ok! i like it and are u looking to make it real but Lego like?

Quick note: It couldn’t be any more different to islands :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Looks nice, the hat could be a bit smoother though in my opinion.

Not really, I’m trying to make it medieval

:sunglasses: ah i see nice! I will make sure to play it when its out

haha ok, and if you want more than a guy in a straw hat then I can say farming IS included in the game :smirk:

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