My game has brilliant feedback, but hasn't really "got out there"

Hello, I made a game almost a year ago called “Bored Simulator”

It has an amazing like/dislike ratio and gets around 30-50 daily visits but I can’t seem to grow a consistent player base, even after spending over 100k on ads/sponsors over the last year it just doesn’t hold players. I’m not really bothered about profiting, would be cool just to have a nice community.

Any ideas on what I can/change to get more consistent players? Feel free to play the game and give me overall feedback :slight_smile:



The title just drags me away. I wouldn’t wanna play a game called bored simulator if I was bored. Consider changing the title and description to be more intising.


Games need replay-ability, a reason for someone to come back, and consistent updates to reinforce that replay-ability. It takes more time, but if you want a game with thousands of players consistently, there needs to be dedication to a larger, long term idea; simulators from what I see, most commonly, are quick games that come and go.