My Game is Blurry but not in Studio

In ROBLOX Studio, my game seems to be perfectly fine as the blur setting is set on 3. I’ve checked my scripts. I don’t know where to put this topic so I decided to put it here. I’ve also tried reverting game versions but still getting this blur.


Picture no1. is the blur effect
Picture no.2 is in game
Picture no.3 is in Studio

Help would be appreciated!

this shouldnt be in scripting support probably building or something

anyways the thing is make sure the graphics in game is set to high and

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Ok and it is

Try disablign and enabling and see if that does anything

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This is normal, studio usually doesn’t show lighting effects such as sunrays and bloom. Last time I checked blur still worked in studio but apparently you can’t see it so I guess it’s changed or something. It isn’t really much of an issue just an inconvenience

I disablled the effect and it still shows. I’ve also checked scripts to see if anything was there but couldnt find anything


Have you published the game so it replicated to game servers properly

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Yes, as well as shutting all instances

I’ve put the game down temp as well till I get this inconveince sorted.

Are you sure that’s not a Bloom instead of a blur? Blooms are the ones that don’t work in studio but work ingame with high graphics


Now that you say that, I think it may

I’ll try it out and see if it works


it looks better on graphic 1 however

Did you add DepthofField effect?

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The only effects that add blur based on graphics are DepthOfField and Bloom. (blur shows up at any graphics)

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Yes i have added it could it be related to that?

So Ig try removing DOF as well??

ok it was DOF I feel really stupid lol but thanks