My game is deleting scripts from a free model, help

I’m trying to use this free model for testing but it seems that it works in other places except for this one. I have no idea what it is that it is preventing from the gun to function. I’ve followed the steps.

Here is an example of what needs to be put.
These scripts are sopose to let the guns function. Like spawning ammo gui, shooting.

I’ve done the EXACT same steps with this Place but it seems to delete the scripts.

Here is when I join the game.

It DELETED. Here is proof, here is what I inserted into the game.
This is what happens when I join the game, scripts are deleted.

What is causing this?

Here is the script that is being deleted in “ServerScriptService”
local RE = game.ReplicatedStorage.VisualizeBullet
for _, TruePlayer in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do

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The client cannot see what’s inside ServerScriptService because it is not replicated to the client.
Press this button to change to the Server side.


But on the other place it works?

Uh oh, I just figured out it doesn’t show either on the other place…

Because its ServerScriptService, roblox made that due to security reasons!(From what i know.)Because the scripts get invisible there, but in Workspace, where its probably the place people mostly put, can be seen, and even be accessed.

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Uh, other than that, do you know why the guns aren’t working?

Well, it is an free model, dont expect it too work well.

We can’t without reviewing the code. If you are interested as to know why just send the gun model over here and we will be glad to figure that out with you.

It has nothing to do with the Gun Model. It works fine on the other Place
but not on this place that im trying to make it work on

@PhoenixRessusection You’re right. Server scripts can be seen in workspace, but as far as I know they cannot be accessed at all.

@ogeyar I’m sorry but we cannot help you without the gun’s source code.

Yes so it does have to do with the gun model

The comments regarding ServerScriptService’s visibility is true by all means.

While testing your game in Studio, the client can not access ServerScriptService - this is done for security in actual game environments.

There’s a chance that some scripts are missing, assets or missing or they’re misplaced.
Are there any error logs when you go into the place where it doesn’t work?
If you’re in-game, press F9 to view the Console.
If you’re in Studio, while testing, view the Output box. If you don’t have it, you can enable it via the View tab in Studio.

You may want to try reinserting the model through the Toolbox in Studio.
It’s also worth knowing whether you’re actually putting the different assets in the right place.

Do the original model’s assets contain any instructions or guidance?

These are all things you should investigate yourself.
In other places, the game creator(s) may have made edits to the model on their side to potentially correct the issues that you’re having.

Send a reply if you get stuck investigating anything.

Hope this helps.

I’ve used the same model for many of my games and it has no issues with it; it works as it intends to… so I wouldn’t automatically put a prejudice on free models.


Contents of ServerScriptService and ServerStorage do not show on the client for security purposes. As for the gun not functioning, you haven’t provided any developer console logs. Is there any errors? Is there a warning such as an infinite yield in a WaitForChild? There’s no context as to why the gun could potentially be malfunctioning.