My game is in a playable state, but new players leave before they learn how to play

I’ve made a game called Yoyo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s a jokey game, poking fun at the stereotypical JoJo games. You can find it here:
But like pretty much every other new developer, I’m in need of players.
I tried avertising with a few robux, and got like 250 clicks, but players leave before the learn how to play, and a lot of my games’ progress relies on PvP, which there isn’t much of when there’s only 1 (or 2 if I’m lucky) players at a time. I tried putting the controls in the description of the game, but a lot of people don’t read that. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Any feedback/critique is very much appreciated!


I tried the game, and I didn’t see any sort of tutorial appearing. Personally, I suggest you to add a tutorial, while the players won’t have to complete it in order to play. By requiring the players to complete it, you’re tiring them up for no reason.

You can add a GUI button which will start the tutorial. Players won’t leave while they won’t be tired when doing the tutorial.

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I had considered doing just that, and had actually started work on a tutorial, but it feels like a tutorial is overkills, all they really need to know is to press Q and click on an NPC.

Then the solution would be to add a pop-up GUI with the controls once they join.

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I really like that idea, thanks a lot! although I still have the issue that there isn’t enough players to fight eachother.

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Tried the game out, though even after reading the controls I had no sense of what to do next. NPC’s mention items like “String”, “Yoyo scrolls” and the like, though I have no idea where to find them. Solid game concept, though after a few minutes of wandering I still had no idea what to do in order to progress / where to go.
For the issue of not enough players fighting each other, for the time being at least you may have to add an alternative means to progress.


There are only 2 solutions: start sponsoring the game and run advertisements which attract the kids, while they aren’t clickbaits.


I’ve been thinking that perhaps my main NPC looks too much like a prop. Did you talk to the big yoyo at the center of the map?

I did not, as I assumed he was a statue. Maybe a sign saying ‘The Grand Yoyo’ or something could help.
(Also, on a side note: I found a broken yoyo disc on the floor, but after picking it up I got instantly respawned.)

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Yes I’ve been meaning to take a look at that. I’m planning on adding GUI that explains what the item you hold does, as I see a lot of people use a broken yoyo disc as soon as they pick it up, and all it does is reset data.

I have since editted the game with your suggestions in mind. I am still looking for feedback, and any other tips.

Hi stef0206!
From a fellow developer well done on your game, It looks good.
I personally don’t know anything about the genre in your game but I kinda like the music and what you are trying to do:).
The one big thing i didn’t like is that the player feels slow, so maybe increase Humanoid.WalkSpeed or make a Sprint script in the Client.
Peace out!

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The problem with your game is there is no guidance, and I also feel like it is not properly set up. Firstly the only guidance I get when I enter the game is how to equip my yoyo, which doesn’t really do anything. I tried exploring the world and from what I understand you have some NPCs that want some stuff from around the world. After I explored the world a little and climbed up the mountain I found the cola, but that was purely because I wanted to explore your game. A new player has no idea he should climb up the mountain so you should find a way to show objectives. Also, after I launched to the moon, that guy threw me and I died, resulting in me losing the tools. After I lost the tools I could no longer find them, which leads me to think you haven’t thought this can happen. Moreover, are the tools you put on the ground local side, or server side? If a player picks up the cola, will another player be able to pick up the cola as well or not? If the cola spawn one time only, this is going to be very bad for your retention because new players have no game to play.

I think you need to fix a couple of aspects of the game, and think of a way to guide the player, after which you should be better :slight_smile: . Hope this helps

I like it but to me it feels pretty bland.

Maybe you could add a tutorial, as some people have already said and some more NPCs.
Also try adding a GUI with the controls, as some people won’t read the description of the game.

Good luck!

First of all, I apologize for the late response, I haven’t been on the Devforum recently.

I can definitely see what you mean, when you speak about the lack of guidance, although you seem to have misunderstood the way the game handles items. Items spawn randomly around the map, meaning they are server sided, and aren’t always spawned in/in the same spot.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been planning on finding a smart way to teach the player what to do.