My game is just a black screen/wont load suddenly

My game just decided out of thin air to be a black screen/wont load today
I haven’t worked on it at all, no script changes etc, and it either wont load, or stays in a black screen for the entire time.

The game works fine in Studio play-solo, but wont in the roblox client


We have lost all our players and would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me how/why this is happening

Hi Asbuff,
What platform and environment are you noticing this behavior on? I assume it is on all platforms because your users are not playing at all.
What kind of things are you seeing in the error console?

This bug is on PC, the only thing in the Dev console is the following:

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Does the server log show anything?

nothing at all
I cant even open it in studio anymore

It looks like there is a recent update, did you find the underlying issue?

No idea why it happened, but the game is fine now

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