My game is lagging in specific area

So i was making bank myself for robbery system but when i wanted to get in the bank first time i saw the game lagging hard and getting 9 fps for no reason.I started inspecting the game but couldnt find anything.this all started after making myself a bank.even i remove the bank completely, the lag still continues.

I opened the older version of game and theres literally no lag.
What could wrong with this game again? only 900 part bank lags the game to death? For real im being mad for any issue i experience because they are so annoying i experienced them for too much.

Hmm, That’s weird. Could I have the game link so I can see how it performs on my own PC? I can possibly suggest ideas.

here it is
( ✦ ) Huzur kasırları oyunu [Testte] - Roblox

oh also the update was not released but i finally found the virus.its a dummy that dancing with im not having lag anymore :slight_smile: thanks for help.

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