My game is not showing up in search results

Try a unique title. A game title that hasn’t been used before or is very uncommon. All my games have pretty unique titles (and a few of them aren’t popular), and when i search the title, the game will always be one of the first games to appear.

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Yep, this right here!

Pretty much the only way to get into search results. The problem is then that not many players will be searching for a unique word. (but at least its searchable)

I already tried doing it, but nothing happened , my game only comes up when you type the exact name of it

As i said my game isnt unique since there are a lot of copies of it, my game has more players than every game that shows up (except another one) so I expect my game to be on the 3rd or 2d place at least, i tried waiting a few days but still the search filter could not find my game… I don’t know what to do, my game still gets players somehow tho, I’m not sure if your games aren’t visible when you search for them, I used to own a game that still got around that player count and it kept growing to like 50 players (because it was on the top) and then it got deleted

i replied to the wrong message

Alright, so.

For this, I’m guessing that your game is this.

First of all…

I suggest removing the emojis in between the game name, that’s probably why you can’t find it in search results.

Second of all…

Do what @Ethanthegrand14 said, pick a name that’s different from the others. Otherwise, players won’t probably find your game. I also suggest using UpperCamelCase (capitalizing every first letter of every word.)

Here are some titles that I’ve thought of:

  • Flooded Brookhaven
  • Underwater Brookhaven
  • Brookhaven But Sunken

Third of all…

If you really want your game to have more people playing it, step up your game:

  • Make your thumbnails look professional - ask a friend to make a better game thumbnail, or even pay somebody!
  • Change the description - it could be way more better, try looking at descriptions of famous Roblox games.

yes the emojis may be the problem but not for this guy Brookhaven 🏡RP Underwater - Roblox, and yes I do know my game isn’t the best but please keep that in mind that we’re in 2021 and low effort games make a lot of money for no reason at all


also thanks for the name suggestions , i really appreciate that since my english isn’t that good so I can’t really come up with good names

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That is very much not always the case. The more effort you put into your game, the more players will enjoy it, and the longer they will play. Not putting any effort into the game and expecting it to immediately soar to the top is not a good strategy.

Plus, a reason the game may not be showing up is the high dislike count. Currently less than 50% of players have liked the game and that’s pretty bad. So your effort in the game does reflect on this and it likely affects if other players play it.

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Oh yes it got disliked bombed by some random guy lol I forgot , I’ll try to get some of my friends to like it

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I mean that’s not really the answer, how do you know it was “dislike spammed”? Are you sure its that and not genuine dislikes?

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I remember some kid was jealous at me and so he started disliking it with alts

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Citazione Plus, a reason the game may not be showing up is the high dislike count. Currently less than 50% of players have liked the game and that’s pretty bad.

There’s a game that it’s basically the same thing that has a worse dislike ratio and still gets on the top somehow, the owner is pretty toxic not sure how he’s still on roblox

That is very much not always the case. The more effort you put into your game, the more players will enjoy it,

Well, I have a few games that are doing the same thing as me and still make a lot of robux compared to some really high quality games

those cnp hangouts games, fan made games of popular games , afk until [item]
it’s sad how the roblox algorythym only promotes games that don’t deserve players at all , my game is probably the best attempt at making an underwater version of that game and yet nobody really cares about it

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Theres 5000 dislikes… I’m pretty sure people just don’t like your game.

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tbh i don’t really care if it’s good or not since it’s only a way to make myself some extra robux , but still i don’t know why it doesn’t get on the search results

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I am aware of the late response, but if the entire point of your project is ‘just make you some extra robux’ you should reconsider if the amount of effort you’ve put in the game + the feedback of the players should reward you with being on the top results for whatever the project is about. Games that are made with the only purpose of making robux aren’t good most of the times, mostly if (as you said in this post) don’t care at all about the feedback and only care about the robux.


unfortunately it’s roblox’s fault if most games on the website are cashgrabs, if they made the algorythym work and actually promoted good games on the front page we might see a decrease in these cashgrab games


the dislike/like ration does not matter ,the game is supposed to show up

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Once you get more place visits it should jump to the top of the search (as long as it has a unique name)
When I first released my game, it was flooded with temple run copies, but once it got 100 visits

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