My game is performance filtered on Chromebook, what do I do to fix it?


This appears on my developer stats page for Sword Fight on the Heights.

I don’t own a Chromebook, so I have nothing to test with.

I don’t have any more information about how my game runs on Chromebook, some profiling, a crash dump or anything.

Is it memory-related? Do I have a script bug that only appears on Chromebook for some reason? Did 1 person play my game using a Chromebook, crash, and Roblox’s statistics are bad?

Let’s say I did have an idea what it was and attempted a fix. Now that I’m filtered on Chromebook, would anyone see the updated version with the fix?

So what is a developer supposed to do here?


I mean, you could ask your community or get some testers that use a chrome book to play your game and record what happens. That’s what I would do if I was in your situation.

Unfortunately, Chromebook players are probably 1% of my playerbase, so if Roblox doesn’t make it easy to fix these issues, I’m not going to unless my game has 100x more players than it does now.

EDIT: They are now 0% of my playerbase.


Roblox is pretty much broken on Chromebooks, so yeah.
I got a Chromebook and ROBLOX chat doesn’t work, you can’t see the mouse etc.

ROBLOX you better fix this.


Oh that sucks. I mean there’s always the option to go around on roblox or discord or something, asking people if they play on chrome book and if they’re willing to test the game out for you.

ChromeBook isn’t for gaming, Players who use it on roblox shouldn’t because of the memory on it.