My game is shadowbanned for no reason

Hi, my game called ‘nextbots 3008’ is now shadowbanned for a week. All the visits and revenue has dropped to 0% (the visits stops at 60.9k). The game cannot even get in to the Recent pages, The search, and the favorites. And all of the user’s private server subscription suddenly been canceled by roblox. I still didnt understand why roblox shadowbanned my game, the game is not a ‘spam’, its about scp3008 game but nextbots. Please help!


Are you sure you haven’t got a message from Roblox giving a reason why this has happened?
A message on the site, or an email that may have ended up in your junk mail?

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Shadowbanning is when specific features of your account are restricted/limited/prohibited but there is no indication for that]

Also I apologize, but I see your game is now under review, please if you have more information about what is going on, in your posts (what roblox said about it) etc, if you resume your game from review, either email me or reply in this thread. I’d love to hear your story and thanks.

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i have got a message from roblox, they said a picture in my game has a discriminatory and hate speech word, but its just a regular nextbots thumbnail and i really dont understand why roblox is like this since they frequently used a computer based moderation.

There’s your answer…
I’ve heard cases where people have had solid coloured images with simple names moderated. Another thing that seems to get an image moderated is having text on it that the AI recognizes as text but can’t tell what the text says.