My game is super laggy from my map, how do I fix this?

Hi, I’m working on a semi-large open world horror game at the moment and I have been experiencing incredible lag while in studio & while playtesting the game. I tried with 0 scripts and it’s obviously the large map that’s making it lag.

I’m only using 50% of the map for actual gameplay, but the rest is for a background so if the user walks to the edge they won’t see just the void.

Does anyone have any clue on how to fix this? The game is in multiplayer so a lot of the responses I got on discord only worked for single-player type games.

For everything in the backdrop try disabling their shadows, collisions, CanTouch, CanQuery.

Thanks! Although, the map is roblox terrain, not parts. How would I change settings for only a specific area of terrain?

Oh if it’s terrain, try using the terrain editor to remove as much as you can from underneath/behind things where players won’t be able to see from their perspective, like making mountains hollow. You can define region3’s for terrain manipulation, but those properties I mentioned would only be for baseparts


It’s difficult to create large landscapes because everything severely degrades performance.
I experience great terrain efficiency when using the following awesome plugins:

I don’t know if this fits your particular use case, but it might help. I guess you can use the plugins without random terrain generation, but with custom terrain. I don’t know which one though, as I use it for infinite procedural terrain generation.

These plugins are hard to use, but as far as I know, offer the best performance while using large terrain landscapes.


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