My game isn't getting popular

What was your game about? If it was generic then advertising wouldn’t help (I assume that’s what you spent 1.4k on)

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What kind of game was it and can how many visits did 100-200 robux get him?

the game needs a lot more of everything, it’s very low quality and lacks any sort of polish

  • ui is very basic, isn’t visually appealing, doesn’t scale well
  • copyrighted music is too loud, very obnoxious (moreso if the people playing your game don’t even like the genre of music)
  • building job is almost non-existent, a floating spawn box with a bunch of parts copy pasted everywhere
  • giving everyone/vips/winners admin is a good recipe for griefing, you’ll bleed players

uhh no one gets admin except for my devs…

Are you sure about that?


Getting higher player counts is difficult but it can be done simply if you have a good game people will like, such as advertising on weekends since younger audiences don’t know what ad blocker is and you can advertise your game there. Just be sure to make it detailed so they get more drawn to your ad. Also the game itself isn’t really polished enough for what your trying to achieve, the trees don’t even look like trees, the obby is super far away, map is bland, obby is WAY to simple. Spawns don’t even work.

Main reason on why I see is that these sort of obbies are really repetitive. You can go to a game called “OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY” And generally have the same experience. Also you credit everyone a little too much. I reccomend removing the credits button and only leaving the ones in lobby. Also you really should update the lobby. Because those trees aren’t really looking like trees if I be honest. More like palm trees. (Unless that’s what your going for but palm trees dont really grow in such enviorments so eh.) I also reccomend updating the thumbnail, plain-white and some black text isn’t really gonna get much attention. Try to get something catchy, but not clickbait-like. And I’m not sure saying that it’s the best obby in roblox history in tiny font is really gonna help.

Then why are you stating that it does sell it in the thumbnail?

How much did you spend on ads?

What makes your obby original?

Why should people play your game rather than some other obby game?

Is the game fun to play?

How much time did you spend on it? Is it polished and well made?

Answer these questions yourself.

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Hello! I understand that the thumbnail is bad but in a week, I will make a new one!

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goodness! I have said this 2 times now, I am making a new thumbnail!