My game isn't getting popular
This is my game Super Obby.
The maximum player count ever was only 12.
Usually it has 0-4 people playing.
How can I improve my player count to something like 10-40 players?
Also, go check out the latest update of Super Obby!


Achieving a high player count is hard, give it some time and maybe you’ll reach it, you can achieve this more easily by having ads? As well as actively interacting with your player base to learn and improve on your game as a whole, one to make it more enjoyable for your player base as much as improving its quality. Focus on meaningful updates that would be interesting. Don’t make your game look bland, have a good impression on your audience. I’m just saying random stuff that may be useful to you, soooo I hope this will be useful.


Let’s be realistic. There is millions of devs fighting to get the most players every single day.

Soo, I mean. It’s first when you get a top quality game, where everything is 110% you will have a chance. But I mean… they wont see the quality unless they join the game, so you must then firstly get the game in front of their noses.

After you have done that, get some thumbnails and such that will get you clicks. Because, now they are in the game description. Make a good showcasing description that is appealing to new players. Make them want to click that green big button on the screen.


Basically this is a dupe post.
Still though, here are some things:
First of all, no matter what, but the page of the game MUST attract players. This means it needs to have attractive thumbnails, icons and stuff. White background with text and description that goes only about heavy development, some exploiter and credits will never make anyone want to play your game.
Okay, here are some things that can get your game known by more users:

  • Advertisements. The image should look attractive but not clickbait. Needs robux.
  • Sponsoring. Also requires robux.
  • Rewards for inviting. Your friends will invite their friends for a reward, those friends will invite their friends and there begins a chain. How long is it depends on the quality of your game. No robux needed.

Also, I’ve checked your game, and I have some stuff to say about it:

  1. The music is WAYYY too loud.
  2. Too many credits.
  3. One of the first stages is hard and the next one is easier, which will cause your players to leave and not be able to experience the rest of the game.
  4. This is an obby. Obbies never stay popular for long.

This will be very hard to make your game in the popular section, the only and better way is to advertise your game with get idea!

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The only way to get your game popular is to get the word out about your game, which usually costs thousands of Robux to be able to reach a widespread audience. Then you need the gameplay content to both support the players and maintain the player-interest.

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Providing in game reward for social invites isn’t breaking rules. That’s why the API exists to send the invites in the first place, and the property FollowUserId to allow developers to determine when a player has joined by following another player and are therefore due reward or a badge or whatever you want to give them.

I’ll be responding with the same amount of effort you invested into the topic itself

While this is typically frowned upon as it’s more so of a reality check rather than a “100% guaranteed method to become successful” I strongly believe you’ll benefit from this if you view it from an open minded perspective.

  • First impression on a project covered by 10 people with a variety of different skillsets allegedly.

It was mediocre to say the least. I cannot even fathom why 10 developers were needed for a small scale project that falls short on MANY aspects which I will cover individually throughout this review.

  • The level design
    It’s not theme oriented, it’s not even visually appealing. If I weren’t reviewing the game than I honestly would’ve exited out of the game the moment I loaded in which isn’t a good sign for consumers. It’s unclear if this was the aftermath of laziness or if your team hasn’t familiarized themselves with the basics yet. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the basics than this first attempt at a project is arguably justifiable.

The copyrighted inappropriate music which violates the TOS is still inappropriate for the targeted demographic even if it’s filtered. The song if you weren’t aware portrays a sensual story that isn’t intended for children to hear. It should’ve been obvious that the song wasn’t welcome on the platform when it only passed moderation after it had a large proportion of the lyrics filtered out.

Technically you could be moderated for placing that audio in the game as developers are held responsible for everything inappropriate in their games regardless if it was open sourced or not.

  • As for why your game does poorly in comparison to other obbys
    Theme oriented, visually appeasing level designs to attract the targeted audience.
    They’re able to remain somewhat successful because they’ve familiarized themselves with the marketing strategies to attract the targeted audience. Say for example they’ll invest 10,000 into a sponsor they’ll gain 10,000+ back even if it fails to reach the front page.

Honestly, the idea of the game is lame. Its a terrible 2015 idea, and no one plays obbys anymore period. If I were you I would make some sort of Simulator based game, and run ads worth 1k-10k robux each round. This will get your player count going. Also for the development phase of your future games, make a “Studio” group and make a discord for it. Everyone loves seeing updates, and I feel like people in discord and a group are more likely to join the game. Also make it so you have perks in the game for when you join a group. For a ton of Simulators, it is double daily rewards. That is just my two sense, and I feel like that is whats going to get a game far despite all the game owners already demolishing the simulator scene.


My friend @Place_Reboot had the same problem, he then spent about 100-200 ROBUX in ads, mostly mobile players and his game got popular! So basically try to make ads, but don’t put too much ROBUX into it since even a small amount can help.

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I recommend thinking of a entirely new idea the people will be like ohhhhhhh I’ve never seen this before??? Wonder what it is.

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Might I suggest either using a screenshot as a thumbnail or making a thumbnail in Photoshop or GIMP

Your UI doesn’t scale well on mobile and I kept hitting the Credits button. What’s it even loading anyway?


If I can be blatantly honest,

It’s not a unique or new idea.

This is a big part to making a game, introducing something that you can’t really find somewhere else. That doesn’t mean having the craziest most ludicrous idea, it just means building something original.

Of course, improving your own skills will definitely translate into the game being more popular, but this goes hand in hand with that.

Some of the points above are good, here’s my 2 cents.

The market you’re trying to get into is hard, there are many many developers trying to create successful obbies almost weekly (usually due to the somewhat ease of making them). That does mean that you are competing against all those other developers, especially with some already established obbies that are updated frequently with new stages and challenges.

I would still give your one a shot, take notes from some of the above posts. One thing I would say is 30 stages for your style of obby may not be enough, players like a “easy” challenge (nonetheless still a challenge though) so try to create more if you can.

Best of luck


Hey @XxJonnyDaBestxX I see where you are coming from, you do not feel like you’re not getting many players you had hoped for. Here are some tips I like to question myself before advertising/making the game.

1. “Are the advertisements I made appealing?”

I ask this question for the sole purpose of, if people think the advertisements are nice looking, will people click on it.

If you do not have much or great experience regarding GFX Design or art design,
I would hire myself a GFX Designer from either Hidden Developers or Devforum.

Another part of this question is, “Is it about the actual game?”.
Although scam games on roblox you see get more players through a fake ad of “free hats!”, this is not the case. Make sure the advertisement is relatively close to the game. For example, the obby could have a player jumping from platform to platform with text of “Can you beat the obby?” A lot of people do not like clickbait games on roblox.

2. “How much should I spend on ads?”

This question is always priority to me. You can’t spend 1000 robux and expect more than 10-25 players in total that day. 1000 robux is a lot, I would say 5000 per ad or even 2500 per ad can make your game a bit more known. I would use multiple advertisements that day just to they appear more as well as use the “Roblox Game Sponsor” tool that does cost robux, but it is a good way to see your game under a sponsored page.

3. “Is the game overused?”

This may be a difficult topic, but it is the fact of, “is my game basically a repeat of other games.” I am a member of the SCPF Genre, but I constantly see the same type of advertisements for Foundations/Groups, and I am tired of seeing them. For obbies, most of them are not overused, but can be a bit annoying. I feel that each obby is different from others.

4. “Is it playable?”

You need to make sure your game is playable. If there is constant lag from scripts or even unanchored parts or parts in general, people would leave or crash and not come back as the game is their first play most likely, and first impressions are everything.

Sorry for the large text, but I hope this can help!


There is only 4 devs which 3 are active.

I had a game where I would just interact with the ~20 player community. I advertised like once or twice but didn’t get very good results.

I think interaction with the community is really good and it keeps players coming back to your game, which only leads to more players and a higher playercount overall.

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In my opinion, you have to work on the game a lot harder it isn’t made too well… It takes a while for you to respawn and it looks a little lazily-built. You had so many people work on a game that could’ve been made in under 30 minutes. Most of the jumps aren’t close to equally spaced. Try a little harder and then advertise your game.

I have spent 1.4k on an ad and it got me less than 1k visits.

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