My game isn't working with more than one player

Yes the First one Man, Part Code :slight_smile:

I’m going to check the script slowly

Thanks man, iam trying that almost 10 hours

put a script that indicates that every player can be there

Do the zones use touch events to detect players entering and leaving? That does not work with the character online unless there is TouchTransmitters in the body parts. Try adding TouchTransmitters or this will add them automatically:

character:WaitForChild("Humanoid").Touched:Connect(function() end)

Another option would be to use math to calculate if the player is in the region

Is a public module ZoneController - Retrieving players within an area/zone

No, check Part Code, is working, detect when player enter on area and leave, the problem is my code, iam using tables to detect If player is training or not, but for Any reason with more than 1 player dont work

Bassicaly fire the StartTraning event and after Stop training event all times, probaly iam using tables wrong

What is the name of the game ? who has this problem

Is my game, the problem is that : when you enter on train área (the Green circle), you start get 50+ Stats ever 1 Second, when you leave the area you stop training work, if have only 1 player (see the First imagem, increasing 50), but If have 2 players or more dont work (see the 2 imagem), isnt increasing

As you can see it’s like I’m in the area and exiting it at the same time, even if using an if

Voy a ver los guiones nuevamente y voy a pedirle la opinión de un amigo que es srcipter

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If you give me a copy to open in studio I will try to figure it out

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Sorry i only can do that tomorrow

Okay i Will wait for your answer

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this is what my friend told me:I could only guess
But it seems
The script detect you already have training, but you arent there
Ofc yo ucan see that
And second guess is
It detect you arent there
Is either the Zone module is using Touched event
Thats my best guess
I cant really think straight since i have little idea on how it work interily

But work when have only 1 player on server that make no sense

Man check that Part

local function increaseStats(player,Amount,Stat)
    while true do
        if AutoTraining[player.UserId]["Training"] == false then return end
        ServerData[player.UserId]["Stats"][""..Stat]["Value"] = ServerData[player.UserId]["Stats"][""..Stat]["Value"] + 50
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Probaly is stoping everyone train

I think i Will need create one while per player