My game keeps crashing for other players immediately after playing

As soon as they join, after a few seconds it crashes the app immediately. This happens very often on Mobile players and some players are reporting that it made them unable to play the game.

Game Link:

I don’t get how some players crash and some don’t. I know someone who has an inferior device than the IPhone 10 XR and the game runs fine for them.

Expected behavior

For a few players including me. When I join the game it loads the game just fine and I can continue playing like normal.

A private message is associated with this bug report


Can people see this? I haven’t got a response


I can see it, but I can’t help you.

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Yeah, it’s just no one really knows what to do to help you with your issues :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :man_shrugging:

What’s your total memory consumption in your game?

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We’re looking into this. Can you pinpoint the time this started happening?

This is likely caused by terrain physics memory usage, but we haven’t made any obvious changes recently that could be the culprit. Any extra info like updates you made around that time would help.

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Hello if I can help a bit , I’ve played on Jailbreak and I feel like they are a memory leak (or it’s normal?)

I feel like it was occuring since the wind update was enabled (I don’t remember what day was enabled) in Jailbreak and the terrain is much slower to load correctly


Hey, nothing here has changed recently, so we suspect this is a longstanding memory leak caused by older multithreaded code. We’re currently working on a full rewrite of our terrain broadphase that will resolve this.

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Thanks for the info, any ETA when this rewrite will be finished?

I’ve found a Memory leak in physics midphase (caused by terrain I think) reported here, if you can look into it: Release Notes for 592 - #5 by Lucatacos2213

Anyways , thanks for your hard work and goodluck to the terrain team!

Quick update: It’s not ready yet, but an engineer is hard at work on our new terrain broadphase. We don’t generally do ETAs, but this is high priority for us for memory savings. We don’t think that your issue is a leak, but just a symptom of a system that has a history of high memory usage.

WRT your report on part midphase memory, our recent optimizations don’t actually impact memory. We plan to optimize this later, but let us know if you find a reproduction case where midphase memory reliably increases without going down beyond a gigabyte or so.

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