My game keeps crashing & I can't figure out why

Hi everyone!
So, within the past few weeks, my game has found an influx of players joining. We are now averaging somewhere around 200-300 players in-game everyday when before we had an average of around 40-50 in-game. Because of this, I’ve noticed a lot of crashes ingame wherein players will be disconnected and given a “Connection Lost” screen. I’ve tried my best to pinpoint what the issue could be, even making major changes to different scripts to figure it out, and no dice. I’ve looked through the console, trying to figure out exactly what was going on, and even then I cannot seem to figure it out. I’d like some help here - I am a solo developer trying to hopefully make my game a better experience for players. Any help in possibly identifying what could be going wrong would be great.


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It could be a lot of different things, ranging from the game isn’t optimized for performance or a virus. Or it also could be the roblox servers but im sure its not.

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You could have a case of ddosser crashing the server, a way ive seen people combat this is by creating a 1 player menu starting place with a gui button that TPs players to the main game

Another thing it may be is memory leaks, which I dont think it is as a memory leak would slowly degrade server performance, never seen it crash a game before tho