My game looks soooo boring!

My game looks so boring

I’m doing a map submission for the popular game “Evade” and I think that the exterior looks good but the interior… that’s why I’m here to ask you guys, how can I make the interior cooler ?


Add everyday thing like furniture,plant, etc to make your game blend into the envoriment.

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Yeah but for an entrance like that with supermarket checkout what I could add (type of furniture) and also should I change colours of the checkouts or the walls ? Tell me what you think ! :pray:

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There’s a bunch of either unnecessary or unutilized space. The bigger the map, the harder it is to have intricate details or detail in general. I’d recommend a smaller map.

There could also be a map size you are required to stick to. In any case, I’d recommend general level design strategies like boxing things out. The buildings could use windows, framing, general architectural design bits. Look up examples of buildings or interiors for ideas.

You could even use Roblox for designing the interior, Bloxburg is an example that comes to mind. Interior designers in “real-life” actively use floor plans for designing, something like this:

(This is probably a little excessive.)

Edit: I personally don’t know what type of game “Evade” is. A description of what players would do in the map would be good. A first person shooter game with the setting being a desert with nothing but sand wouldn’t be good, at least I don’t think so. You’d need to add homes or scaffolding or something to change up gameplay.


Think GMod nexbots but Roblox, run around and avoid super fast PNGs that instantly kill on touch.