My Game: PetClicker Simulator

Hello Everyone👋,
I actually working active on my Roblox Game :snowman_with_snow:PetClicker Simulator​:snowman_with_snow: and i wanted to ask if some of you could test the Game and send a little Feedback to me (How you find it/ What can i do better/ …).

What is the Game about?

  • You can collect many Small Pets and explore different worlds by collecting, mining or exchanging currencies of all kinds. The goal of the game is to unlock all worlds and have all pets at maximum level (event pets included).

  • You can participate in events and collect and trade unique pets.

I hope you like the Game and Rate it😄

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You forgot to link the game

Ok well I found the game on your profile and something that’s immediately obvious is the amount of stolen assets - pets from bubble gum simulator (Rumble studios) used in game and for thumbnails, coins/gui stolen from pet simulator x (big games)…

The map looks like a bunch of free models with pretty poor lighting

As for gameplay I had no idea what to do after clicking? I didn’t know where to upgrade / get pets etc, you should include a tutorial for all that stuff.

Overall I’d say remove all stolen assets for obvious reason, try to make the map look nicer & make some better lighting, and most importantly include a tutorial so players know what to do.
(And wait a bit to make the game all about christmas given it’s just the start of November right now )

I designed the Pets with Blender and used free Pet faces. The Maps are not Free Models its build of a Self Model Terrains. I actually working on a tutorial but there is a Platform where you can read sell and on the Spawn are some Eggs

A few stolen pets:

These aren’t all of them but you get the point

These are not in the Game there are just on the Thumbnails

And i credited The Both Games in the Game Describtion