My game review is it good?

Ok so this game is pretty bad but how could i make it better and i know its bad but is there any way i could get at least 1000 plays i tried to make it like brookhaven rp Wheel City RP - Roblox Thanks

I think it’s a good start. the lighting needs a little work and an option to mute the music would be nice but overall I think it’s pretty good

Ill definetley work on the lighting and music thanks

There is a lot wrong with this game.

  • The whole map is made out of free models. This is a really big problem because your game could get a virus, and besides, who would want to play a free modeled game? Also, there’s a road that goes off the map. Not much effort was put into this.

  • The car images are really low quality and shouldn’t be real life cars. And if your gonna have images like that, at least have the cars match the image. Screenshot_19

The picture of the blue truck spawns a white truck, and the white car spawns a red one.

There’s still more things I could write here, but that would be too much.
And, sorry if I bit harsh.

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its fine i like constructive critiscism

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