My game runs very slow but other games do not?

Hi, as the title says my game runs very slow when I test it on Roblox, but on Roblox Studio it runs fine. However when I lessen the amount of objects on my game it runs perfectly fine, but I cannot compromise this… How do other games do it? They have like thousands of objects inside their builds and their games run perfectly fine why is that mine slows down?

Here are some points I see why this is happening though I have not confirmed it:

  • The game is not yet established thus why Roblox’s Servers is not prioritizing it
  • My ping is high as of the moment. Though, when I go to other games even with high ping, it runs perfectly fine, but upon observation when there is an uptick on my ping, my game slows down again.

I hope you can give me some insights about this, this has been going on for a while. Thanks!

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Some quick things to check:

  1. Parts are Anchored that don’t need to move. If not, they will be included in the Physics calcs
  2. Parts have CanTouch turned off
  3. Press Ctrl+F9, then select “Server”, then “Scripts”. Check both Activity (%) and Rate and make sure you haven’t got either high Activity (ie > 1%) or a high Rate (> 60).
  4. Check your scripts for remote Events & Functions firing too frequently
  5. If you have effects, make them client side only, by firing an event to all clients so they are produced locally.

Thanks! #1 and #2 definitely helped!

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