My game server crashes when certain people come in

I used translator.
The experience above is a small game that runs on 1 ~ 3 servers. (Republic of Korea Army RP) But since last time, I’ve seen that there are constant conflicts on the server.
I went into the server and looked for reasons over and over again

As soon as this person joins the game, all scripts, player characters stop moving and after a few seconds, the phrase “please check your internet connection and try again (Error Code: 277)” pops up.

I’m 100% sure this is not a DDoS.
I think problem is this, his avatar is Bacon but he looks different in his profile, so it’s a problem with loading the character.
He knows that the game server is going to crash, and whenever there is a new server, he participates and destroys the game.
Please ban his account and fix the bug. This caused a lot of damage.

Currently, we use a method of being teleported to another place to prevent this person from entering the game.
But because of this, both the profits of the game and the users have decreased. Please solve it quickly.


This sounds like a possible vulnerability - first make sure there are no malicious scripts and vulnerabilities in the game first.

Check for things such as require(assetId) in scripts & make sure this person’s UserId and username aren’t in any scripts giving them access to something.

To check for vulnerabilities I’d recommend looking at certain RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions that aren’t properly secured & add implement rate limiting to certain events that aren’t supposed to be fired multiple times in a short time.

Hopefully you get this resolved.

Could you please provide some logs? You can find info about how to get and send logs here: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox


Can you PBan watchdog148

I deleted all server-side scripts but crashed