Hello there! My name is xXLuka_XD, I’m a developer/scripter for a year and a half. I’m not so experienced to the point of creating massive projects, but I can create the stuff I do want.

Last time I posted, it was about another game of mine which, had a point of just beating bosses and growing stronger.
Well, this game is somewhat similar to it, and I do want feedback for it.

So, what is the point of the game and how do you play it?
The game is about killing other players with various weapons, and passives for weapons, (they offer lifesteal, or burn the player, etc.).

You can buy the weapons by killing other players, as ‘Kills’ are the currency of this game. You can also get kills by killing the boss that has a chance to spawn upon a biome change, and you can get it by killing one of those dummies in the map (I will probably remove them later on)

WeaponOut Remake
Thank you for reading through this post and I hope that I can get feedback about it!
By the way, the game has no icon yet or a thumbnail, so I’m sorry about that.


uhh im in the game rn and after killing 2 CoolMrPatrick, Idk wat to do. theres no GUI or anything too.
Also, it would be better to put transparency of the side green walls to a complete 1.
And, the biome just changed and theres nothing I can do other than shooting pistol in the air LOL
Hmm I guess u forgot to put animations for walking and shooting i guess.

No, actually the UI is there you just have to reset since I made it like that.
There are animations for the weapons, and there are more weapons than one.

The game’s made for 2+ players so that you can actually do the main point of the game, kill and buy new weapons.

The walls can be changed if people want so, but I do feel like the forcefield material gives a nice feel.

Thanks though, now I know why people sometimes feel clueless, and that’s cause there is a lack of pointers or the game’s main point can’t shine. :grinning: :+1: