My Games Are No Longer Listed Under My Roblox Profile Creations Tab

Hey All,

Over the last 2 years I’ve made a handful of simple games as part of learning Roblox Studio and game development. In the past I could find my game listed under the Creations tab in my Profile. I could show the games off to friends and they could find my games themselves under my Profile. Slowly the games have been disappearing from the list. Now I only have 1 game listed under the Creations tab of my Profile, when I should have about 10. I can still see the games I’ve created if I go the the Create area of my account. My current thinking is maybe the games haven’t been touched for a while, so they fall off the list?..or maybe if games aren’t updated to current standards they disappear?

Any insight? Thanks!


Did you check your archives? to see if they are archived

This may sound silly, but I don’t even know where archived games are found under my Creations, or how they would have been placed in there in the first place. Please enlighten me!

Go to roblox studio and on the left menu “Archived”

Easy enough to find. But no, there aren’t any games archived.

hm then probably just a automatic thing like you said

I opened a game in Roblox Studio, made some minor changes, and published the game again. I was hoping by doing so the game would appear back in my Creations area. It didn’t.

Have you tried just…
relisting them?


also look into securing your account, you could be compromised if this keeps happening

I didn’t know, but yeah, I recommend getting BTRoblox, that’s what I use


Note that those unlisted buttons came from BTRoblox or Roblox+. You need to find the Add to creations page button by going to the experience’s page and clicking the 3 dot button on the corner top right.


Almost same thing, my games won’t be unlisted, I also made a bug report but nothing…

I know why, you must have this enabled to ensure it shows up on your creations tab! Tell me if this does help out.

Ur link is broken. It wont open anything.

You need to press “add to profile” Please note that it may take a bit for it to load onto the creations tab.

Screenshot 2021-07-24 100111

Hope this helps! :smile:


Hey All,

Thanks for the suggestions. I followed the suggestions and succeeded in making the games appear back under my Profile Creations by installing the BTRoblox Chrome Extension (using the Google Chrome web browser). The extension made the Listed/Unlisted option visible for each game. All my past games were UNLISTED. I clicked the option to change them back to LISTED. Now all my games appear in my Profile Creations again. I wonder how a person would change that setting without the Chrome extension??? Thanks again for the help!