My games chat isnt working

Hey everyone, I am working on my group\s game, and the chat has stopped working, how do I fix this?

Check whether the chat is duplicated. It seems like one chat GUI is stacked upon another.

How and where would I check that?

Check it in studio. Check whether Load Default Chat is enabled. Also, please show the StarterGui and Chat Hierarchy.

Okay, where is Load Default Chat, and Chat hiearchy located?

the chat is duplicated, you can see the textbox input and holder text is still visible

How do I un-duplicate it though?

I just tried to turn off “Load Chat on Defult” I turned it off, but then there was no chat option

one simple solution

idk if it's just your internet, but i dont recommend using this
local players = game:GetService('Players')

  local PlayerGui = p:WaitForChild('PlayerGui')
  local Chat1 = PlayerGui:WaitForChild('Chat')

Still not working, im not sure what it is