My GFX Improvement (From 1st to latest gfx!)

ProGamerResul5566 - Cheap GFX Artist.

how much did I improve from my first to latest gfx ? Lets see!

First Gfx:

Latest 3 Gfx I made:

Make sure to write comments about from 1st to latest ones.

If you want to hire me you can look at my full portfolio:


Somewhat cool but all it is, is just a simple render slapped onto adobe after effects, also jesus that lighting is too bright


it is because of the campfire. Campfire should have a lightning like that. Also althought this is not only simple rendered, there is shadows, details and etc. Posing is not easy, and making custom models is not easy too. Please pay attention to these when you reply or instead don’t reply.

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Posing is pretty easy, you just move limbs around


One of your gfxs isn’t signed or watermarked. You might want to change that so no one steals it.

No problem bro. I believe that devforum community wouldn’t do that.

Some poses are hard. Also some times when you want to rotate and arm or something it doesn’t go what you want to do. GFX isn’t something you can do same with your imaginity, but you can make something near your imaginity.

You would be surprised. People scam others sometimes and many are desperate and are not good at blender and stuff (like me, but without integrity.) It’s best to protect your hard work from thieves, especially when you get really, really good.

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Personally, I think your GFX could use some background or just overall character to them. I agree with what some people said here about how it’s just a black background with a render and some lighting. I think to really do GFX and make them good, they need some background and setting first off.

Your graphics are great, I would recommend using backgrounds that go along with the render instead of just a solid color.

very good to see your evolution

GFX Quite good but in the first GFX light some mixed, but I would not be better able to so good.
The others are also good :+1:

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Do you use 2.8 Blender? Also, nice work

Nice! Next thing I would recommend improving is rendering in eevee for renders. Lighting seems to be easier to control there. Also try to work more on poses, some of the arms look twisted too much. Cool work!

I like it man, keep on improving but I have a tip, try some different backgrounds instead of just stills/gradients, it’ll look much better.