My good game won’t reach lot’s of player, even with advertising


So i’ve been running my game Hot Potato for a while. But unless i invest thousands of Robux on advertising, it won’t reach lot’s of players.

I’ve tried advertising so much, and when advertising, there’s a active player group. But once adverts are over, they’re gone.

I’ve talked to lots of players and pretty much all of them liked the game. However, my game now scores 50/50 likes/dislikes, because most people join when the game is empty, and dislike.

What are other ways to promote my game, without spending thousands of Robux?

My game has in-game rewards, is very unique, the adverts and thumbnail a professional, etc.

I’ve spend over 60k robux now… Getting tired of it.

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its just what people do maybe try adding a hot potato bot that they can mess around with the settings (when somebody joins when the game ends the bot dissapears)

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My personal opinion on some aspects outside the game:

The things on the bottom right of the thumbnail “Favorited & Following” are not a very good practice, I know it’s supposed to motivate players to favourite and follow the game but really, it just looks bad, the thumbnail art doesn’t look bad, but just the thing in the corner.

The Icon isn’t all that bad.

The “Play Now!” text in the title is supposed to draw attention for players to “play it now!”, but from my point of view, it just yells desperation for visits.

One thing you have going for the game is the large visit amount compared to other “(emoji)Hot Potato(emoji)” games.

I haven’t actually gone into the game so I can’t say anything about the content.
These are just my stylistic opinions, you can try them if you want.


To make your game reach a lot of players then it’s really really REALLY depends on luck, it’s just how Roblox recommends game work, it’s really hard to maintain a good player for a long amount of time.

Even your game is good, high quality but you don’t get recommended by Roblox, don’t have enough luck then well… it’s dead


How am i even supposed to get it to be recommended.

If i remember correctly, back in the days you could fill in a form as application. But this has been removed…

well ofc luck, just that simple.

It is Roblox’s dev pain


Thumbnail and title are quite attention-seeking, can be off-putting for some players.
Some games just aren’t what players will repeatedly play. For example, an obby game, its fun at first, but its tedious and boring to play again and again.
Does your game have any variation in gameplay? Consider what you can do to make each game unique, perhaps have some fun random events, different types of games, ie a fast-paced match with a small time limit, or a match with a twist to the original gameplay.
Variety in gameplay is what makes games attractive for repetitive play, if the game is the same everytime, most users wont want to come back.
I heavily suggest removing the attention-needy “Play now!” and the favourite and following from the thumbnail and title. Perhaps consider changing the title, if your game is more simplistic and is meant to appeal to younger audiences, perhaps title it “Hot Potato simulator” as “simulator” is a well-searched key word.
Consider making your description more informative about the gameplay, make it more appealing by describing how a game could turn out.
Perhaps make multiple maps if you haven’t already, just in general lots of variety to your gameplay.

I also recommend removing the purchase promps on the sides of the screen, personally when playing games these turn me away from the game as it is one of the many things that makes the game seem like its begging for attention and profit, rather than leaning towards the player having a good time.
Honestly I’m not 100% sure on what specifically makes the game uninteresting, but it just seems like a poor mix of multiple things, and there’s not a lot to do when there’s no one in the server to trigger the game to start.


Hot Potato Simulator, nice idea man!

I’ll remove the gamepasses in-game too, together with the Play Now.

Thank you very much!

Ghehehe, thank you! I really needed that :rofl:

the username should have been the red flag…

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