My GUI Frame won't work with UI corner

  1. What do I want to achieve? I want to use UICorner to make the corners of my GUI frame round.

  2. What is the issue? Whenever I added UICorner to my frame, nothing happened. The edges remained to be sharp, 90-degree angles.
    With UICorner

    Without UICorner

    The only other things that I added to affect the frame were a UIGridLayout and a UIPadding. All of the other frames and buttons and such rounded when I added UICorner.

  3. What solutions have I tried so far? I have tried to increase the radius of the UICorner, but it had no effect. I also tried to delete the UIPadding and the UIGridLayout, but that just made the whole GUI look worse.

Could anyone help? It would be very appreciated!


What are you trying to add UICorner to? It looks like your adding it a frame that already has rounded edges.

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I’m trying to add the UICorner to the big/main frame. The only one that isn’t rounded.

I tried the same thing, it seems like the UICorner does not work on ScrollingFrames (yet). Maybe this is yet to be added because the UICorner is still in beta?


I suppose that would make sense. Thank you!

More information on UICorner’s effects on ScrollingFrame and the plan to support them at a later date were posted in the initial announcement of UICorner;


Yeah, I was just searching for that :3