My GUI is showing very blurry when imported to the game

I just started trying to make a gui for my game, and designed a simple shop in photoshop.
In photoshop, the image is 1440p and looks very clean. But for some reason when I import it to roblox, the image gets very blurry and has a thin white outline on it.

Heres the actual image:

Heres a screenshot of what it looks like in game:

I know its a little hard to tell from the pictures, but even scaling down the image still shows it with a bad quality

yeah, i see a little bit the difference, i think you can do the same thing in roblox studio without using photoshop

You can create that same GUI while In Roblox. I recommend using UIStroke and ZIndex to change the GUI appearence. Here’s an example video of ZIndex usage.

robloxapp-20220827-1055588.wmv (552.3 KB)
As you could see, you are unable to see the white frame below the dark grey frame, since the grey frame ZIndex was set to 3, and the white frame ZIndex was set to one.

Here’s an example of UIStroke usage.

I forgot to mention something! You can also use UICorner to give rounder borders to your UIs. UIStroke DOES works with UICorner. Here’s an example!

I hope that helped! :slight_smile:


Yeah, thank you I just didn’t know if I wanted to design everything in studio as it might be harder to add details.

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No problem! It’s glad to see that I helped you! :slight_smile: