My GUIs for disaster game

Hello everyone! Today i’ve made a few UI’s for my upcoming disaster game.

You can share your opinions about these UIs.


The guis looks clean, the only thing i see is maybe a bit more color but this is just a detail


Im going to try add that (maybe)! the game is done right now on 5% only, im going to share more things about it (rounds, shop, map voting, effects and how gears will work) I appreciate any help/feedback!

My only suggestion would be to look at the disaster games on roblox and look what they have and how they are done. Try to make it different. For example, different world with different physics? by extension of example, one under water, another in the space with gravity different, etc


I would recommend you, as a UI designer, to use white text on top of a mostly black background to provide contrast. Also, please add padding on the buttons as well, otherwise it’s pretty good.

Maybe have more matching UI. Background being different pattern is ok, but your UI title should generally stay at the same location.

its got the big games marketable look tbh

Ik lol
(30 c ha racters ttttteeeee)
Put spaces between word for a reason

I want to do a obby map where lava rises + another RANDOM event
What about the rest maps - I don’t have ideas for them, but I might do underwater one

Here are some ideas:

  • Space with almost no gravity
  • Underwater
  • a planet map which keep the player against the spherical planet
  • a ice map with slipping ground

Thank you for your ideas, I think the game will succeed because of these unique maps
I will try to do them with my scripter as soon as possible!

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Hope the best for you and your game. If you need anymore ideas, do not hesitate to contact me