My gun animation doesn't run properly and also missing other animation

Hey Guys, I need support with my script as I’m not an experienced scripter.

  1. What I want to achieve?
    I want to my gun R15 animation to work smoothly and making so there isn’t any animation missing from the script.

  2. What is the issue?
    So basically my reload and shooting animation won’t stop.

This is my reloading animation.

ReloadEnabled = false

My walking animation is either missing from the script or doesn’t work at all.

  1. The solutions I tried so far.
    I tried looking on Developer Hub and ApI Reference to see if I’m missing something.

I asked a scripter to see what’s wrong with my script but he wasn’t experienced in this.

I’m hoping I can get some solutions by someone replying to this. go on team create with me to see what’s wrong with it. or DM me on discord [Ferd#7821] for more extended support.

Thank you for reading this!

I already replied on discord but i’m posting this so you can mark it as a solution

local oh = Player.Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Reloading)
ReloadEnabled = false

If you have access to the animations (which I believe you have, since you’re able to use them) open them in Animation Editor and toggle this icon, then re-export them.

Stopping the animation as soon as it is done by time isn’t a great solution.

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The animation is looped thats it🙂

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I recognise this gun system. This is @doser225’s work that comes from a leaked copy of a game called Area 108. A bit of a shame to be asking for help on fixing something you didn’t make.

Gun animations are natively supported by that system and don’t require any script changes. What you’re most likely doing is uploading animations with the wrong properties. Don’t loop the animations and keep them at a higher priority to prevent overwriting.

Roblox animations use the lowest priority with Core and the jump animation uses third priority, Idle. All your animations then should be using a higher priority. If I recall correctly, the hold animation should be using the Movement priority, while the recoil and reload animations should be using the Action priority.

The fix @wiidoot provided will work to stop the current animation since the source code loads a different AnimationTrack and stops it instead of stopping the same one, but it does not fix any of the overwriting issues.


@colbert2677 Sorry I didn’t know this gun system was stolen from one of your friend’s work, what I could do to make it up is immediately disband this gun system and find another script that is similar to this that is created by someone else.

Thank you, it was leaked a couple years ago I’m just surprised how widespread it is now.