My gun equipping animation

What do you think of my gun equipping animation?
Pretty glitchy still and far from done.

sorry for bad quality

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Seems like there is something wrong, with the link you tried to embed. If you could post just the like, or the fix the embed we could give some feed back!


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Am not gonna lie it looks great, but why not adding some kind of realistic way like slow you down for reloading, and for the animation are great but still to update like more arms movement ( maybe because you was walking so i cannot see the movement of arms well ) but its still Awesome.


Just move the gun back a bit, and it will look great! The gun just is a bit too far out. A real life person would not hold a gun like that. Maybe also add some realistic camera bobble effects and force first person. I notice jumping makes the gun fling up. Maybe re style the current jump animation. Other than that, perfect!