My gun won't stay welded

So i have imported a gun mesh from blender which already has a grip so i tried inserting a small part inside of the grip and name it Handle. The Handle is working however the mesh part and Handle don’t stay together. I have tried using welds and weld scripts yet it doesn’t work does anyone have any idea on how I might do this.

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Have you tried clicking it and moving it around? into the right place?

Yes the problem is that Roblox isn’t letting me weld a normal part to a mesh part.

I think its an issue I really don’t know il try finding out by a couple of friends and get right back to you thank you.

I’ve welded regular parts to mesh parts, I doubt that’s the issue. How are you welding them? Code or with constraints?

I would recommend:
Go to the Model tab in ROBLOX studio >> Constraints
Select Weld Constraint

Then just select two parts you want to weld together. It’s really easy.

Here is a full guide, and should help you with your issue.

thanks don’t know why I didn’t try this earlier.