My Halloween Haunted House!

Hey guys, I promised I would update you all so here it goes. This is what I am currently working on for Little Angels Daycare Halloween update! What do you guys think? :jack_o_lantern:

Build inspired by Tim Burton’s "Nightmare Before Christmas” and RP video.

If you wish to commission me for anything, make sure to add me on ROBLOX and DM me on Discord, arthur#0003!


I don’t know if it is just me but is everything twisted?
its a little disorientating.

overall really great build.


its twisted for me too I think he did it on purpose

add some kind of terrain change some light settings (maybe this tutorial can help you BOO - The 3 Prime Elements to Spice up Your Horror Games!)
Thats all i can think on :slight_smile:

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Yes it was on purpose I meant to give it a more low poly spooky vibe with the twisted orientation.

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oh man i thought you seriously photoshopped and distorted it till i realize it was real, man that’s really cool

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I love the style! The twisting part makes it look so much better.

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Thanks haha.
I really tried my best.

Thank you, lol! Nah, all blender haha.

Personally, I really like it! Good job on modelling it. The only thing I can suggest is maybe spruce the colours up, like make them more defined, and the sky possibly make darker (if ya know what I mean). Other than that I love it! :smiley:

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I like the overall style, but I don’t really get haunted house vibes from it.
maybe it’s the Colors on which I feel that way.

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