My Introduction Episode

This took 3 days and it was worth it, I could do it in 10 min but since I got busy it got to 3 days so here is my video

Sorry For The Quality It was Recorded using roblox

robloxapp-20221130-1506195.wmv (2.4 MB)

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Really cool. I think that it would be better to make them animated and then stop them for their names but overall GREAT. 7.5/10

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I am currently trying to learn on trying to do that but thanks for the feedback

Oh ok. No problem for the feedback. Keep it up!

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A easy way of doing that is to make the characters play a animation and then anchor all the body parts when the text shows.

Also great video it clean and I loved the cat :slight_smile:


I will try that and thanks for the help


btw can it animate while it is anchored

You can’t animate something that is anchored.

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