My Inventory UI opinions?

Any thoughts on my UI? How I could improve the look of it?


Looks alright but simplistic, try adding some shade on the text and scroll bar and capitalise the U from “uncommon”.

Don’t think the colors match very well, the “uncommon” doesn’t match the light theme, try search for some pastel colors and replace them with those.

The scroll wheel also seems a bit inconsistent, try to round it, as well as the white box which it is inside of. Other then that, good job!


Perhaps lighter shade of red would suffice?

Go for it, experiment with different color shades/ create or find a color pallet and try implement it.

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As others have suggested, change some of your colors (red, purple) to a more consistent color scheme. Everything seems to be all lighter/pastel based so try and keep them all around that area. Another thing is make sure your TextLabels stay the same text size below for consistency. You can do so by using UITextSizeConstraints to ensure they stay the same size. Another thing that makes it easy on the eyes is to keep the consistency in your edges. Having a sharp edge frame in a curved edge menu looks a little clunky. Other than that the design looks neat and different.

I would suggest organizing your sorting buttons in an order that makes sense (unless of course that is order in which you want it to be).
[Rare][Uncommon][Common][All] -> In gradient order.

For easier player experience, move the exit button to the top-right corner. It’s just what most players are used to.

What is this UI being used for? I think knowing this information would help to give some design ideas for your UI. You don’t have to say, of course, but I’d be glad to leave my input if I knew! :smile:

While I may not be 100% accurate with this assumption, I believe it’s intended to differentiate the rarity of something.

Sorry for not replying. Its essentially a sort of inventory to keep all the items you own. And also like what @PurpSinister mentioned. Anyways, I have also made a few improvements using the suggestions given.

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