My kits and plugins

Hi all Joe here,

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards of what kits or plugins I use when building so I though I’ll do a little post on what I use in studio :smiley:

Blocks, Meshes, Textures

  • Personal Building kit I made back in 2015 that contain the smiple blocks in building and a scale figure too to match up scale, however I do recommend keep test playing your builds just to make sure that everything feels right instead of using the figure.

  • Materials pallet created by ZacAttackk very helpful for adding detail on flat surfaces, I do recommend playing around with the transparency with this pack, you can come up with some really good builds with this and also mix it with the set materials that Roblox use :stuck_out_tongue:

  • maplestick custom mesh pack. Good for making smaller objects and detailing.

  • Krown0s nature kit I normally just take off the textures off the rocks and create my own style with them and same with the grass, really helpful kit for creating natural showcases or builds.


  • Archimedes Two (v2.4) - Great plugin for creating curves with parts. I can’t stop using it, so fun hahaha

  • Studio Build Suite - See I mostly use the built-in tools in studio but this plugin is so helpful and user friendly too.

  • Stravant - MaterialFlip - Wonder what this is used for…

  • Stravant - Model Reflect - Great for making symmetrical builds.

  • Stravant - GapFill & Extrude - Really good for filling holes or anything that sticks out and can’t be filled.

  • Stravant - ResizeAlign - Good for aligning walls, floors etc kinda like gapfill.

  • Light editor - Really helpful tool especially if you have loads of light sources, just like the Studio Build Suite really user friendly to use.

  • Pipes - Something I use quite rare but really handy, good for making complicated pipe work in a quick and efficient way.

  • Model Resize Plugin Roblox already has something like this already but this is really accurate and if you wanted to make really detailed small objects like say props for example.

  • oozledraw toolbar: draw curve/rope - Fun but effective plugin, great to use for wires, overgrown vines to name a few.

Well that should be most of the main kits/plugins that I use! got any questions or any plugins you recommend feel free to leave a message below!


Thanks for these, will definitely be using them in the future! Always like finding new plugins to try out :smiley:


thanks! really helpful for making builds!


Had never used the Archimedes Two (v2.4) plugin. Just like you I can’t stop using it, and am definitely going to continue using it in my projects.

Thanks for all these plugins and will continue trying them out.


I just stumbled across this (I know, dead thread), but I noticed I use almost all the same stuff (just coincidentally). This is a great list of essentials though, well curated.