My knockoff/clone of "The Mug Men" by Rdite

Hello developers!

Today I tried to make a knockoff of the famous game The Mug Men by @Rdite. I loved the game, its idea, its physics and everything about the fairly simple but fun project!

So I decided to make my own The Mug Men but with my own twist! I present you “The Garbage Cans” or “The Garbage Men” lol. The idea is just how The Mug Men works. You have a tool, which can be used to attack others! Your head wobbles around in the garbage can and more such details!

Play the game here: The Garbage Cans - Roblox

DISCLAIMER: This game is completely inspired by “The Mug Men”, all the credits go to @Rdite the creator of Mug Men.

Also excuse my building skills.

Drop some feedback and suggestions for the same! Did I make a good knockoff? Reply below!


I also fixed the bug where the head pops out of its required place.

Rdite is a huge influene on the comedic side of roblox, nice game