My laser Gun never give damage while another gun works beautifully

Hello fellow developers!

Yesterday I publicized a new game: Moon 2060
Then one of my friends played and pointed out Laser Gun doesn’t give damage to other players while Energy Gun works perfectly.

I created Energy Gun first then copied and modified the local script for Laser Gun.
For visuals, I use beam for Laser Gun while part for Energy Gun.
Here are the codes:
Energy Gun Local Script

Laser Gun Local Script

Server Script for Weapon System

I changed the area surrounded by red lines to change the visuals from part to beam.
I don’t know why Laser Gun never give damage.
I appreciate if someone help me.

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Could you provide the broken script which needs fixing?

Thank you for your reply.
Because Energy Gun works good, I think above local script for Laser Gun has something wrong.
But I don’t know what is wrong.

For your reference, I attached Settings module scripts for Energy Gun and Laser Gun.
I think these two have no problems.
Energy Gun Settings module script:

Laser Gun Settings module script: