My last drawing

Hello artists here is my last drawing.
What do you think about it?
The Drawing:

The ROBLOX avatar:

(NOTE: I might quit roblox so there is a good chace im not going to make posts anymore, Thanks for being here with me!)


cool, what do you use for make that?

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IbisPaint its an mobile app, And by the way thanks for checking my post!

Mm the drawing looks very nice

Thank you!! I worked hard for it

I really like this drawing! The avatar itself is good, and the background is nice.

Are you taking request at the moment?

This is some great art!
You have very straight lines and great use of shadowing.
Keep it up! :heart:

Wow man! It’s so cool! Really sad that it’s your last painting! Good luck wherever you’re going next!

Looking great! I recommend making the neck thicker so the proportions look more realistic unless it’s a style thing, everything else is looking great :)!

Omg, I love this! I think a shadow cast of the character on the background would make it look a bit more realistic, but overall I love this drawing so much! <3

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