My locomotive projects

my first post on dev forum so i decided i would start off with my current projects

this is my wip 1.5 stud gauge 4-6-4 freelanced locomotive

this is my 1.5 stud gauge 4-8-4 freelanced locomotive more complete than the 4-6-4 in fact almost done

this is my wip 6 stud gauge 4-8-4 that i plan to have 3 cylinders its far from complete but it is to date my most detailed in depth work


WOW man, that looks fire :fire: :sunglasses:!
if I have to nit-pick is that you should probably add some better textures with PBR!
other than that keep it up.

@MyHeadisMelting thanks i really should get some textures thanks for the great idea!

No problem man!
One more Question will this be used in a game?

If you want free textures i know it sounds sus :wink: but deviant art is good and so is artstation. also if you wanna learn to make your own you can get a substance painter educational liscense. Its only for college kids but for the confirmation you can just put the logo of a college since they dont check.

well im not sure as of right now but if i come to that point where i decide to make a game with them i will definitely make a post about it and @omgcchheeessee i will look into it thanks!