My Low Poly Cafe!

Hi! This is my third low poly type building, and I think it’s pretty good. It’s a cafe resturant place. Any feedback and opinions would be Appreciated!


Pretty neat, I really like it although you should consider detailing your builds a little more!

simple things can make your builds 2x better.


It looks pretty good, the coffee cup adds a good sense of detail towards the build, likewise with the tables and such outside. You did a pretty good job on the cafe! Keep up the good work. :rocket:

Ok, I’ll take that into consideration on my next low poly build.
@Swiffted Thanks! I’ll keep making Low poly buildings for a while, I really like this style. :smile:

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This is a pretty nice build, but I think you should scale the tables/chairs a bit better. Compared to the size of the chair, the table is very small.


Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll try doing that.

Your “Low Poly Cafe” looks decent i like how your still improving, your skills a lot more i think you have done a great job on your cafe so far. However there is a couple of things i’ll fix on your cafe to look more better and to stand out more! Overall you have done a great job on your, third low poly build!!

The cafe you made looks good, however the letters you added on your cafe B, L, O, X should be fixed a little more as by looking at it! The letters are a bit small. And the cup you added on the roof part some of the drink, is not in the cup you could fix that and try making. It look like it’s in the cup as showed below you’ll see that the, drink is inside the cup! And the divider you added to your windows is a little to low you could. Try making them as square parts instead of having one across the window try implementing that on the building to make it look more better, i would fix that a bit more.

Your tables are a little to small i’ll scale them. Out some more and make them bigger so people can put there coffee/drink on the tables! and you could add some texture, or color to your tables instead of having them a grey. Color try making the table a white color and detail the table a bit more, and the chair legs seem a little to big you could try, making them a little then so it can be easier to sit in i would recommend. You add some color to the tables and maybe add a umbrella, plants, to your cafe!!

Reference Cup

And if you plan on adding details to your. Building you could add some bushes, lights, trees, menu, plants, garbage can, ect. Just to make your cafe look more, better as well! you could change the color/material on your door to. A different color and the door knob as well just play, around with other colors and you will find the, right one that fits on your build. Overall you have done a great job on your Third Low Poly Build.

Keep it up, hope to see more of your work very soon good job!


The lettering on the cafe I think should have some more detail put into it. I mean its good if you are going for a blocky style but I think you should try to make it more smooth.

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Yeah I think I’de have to agree. Does this look any better?

(I used a plugin to create the lettering)

Did you use this?

Although it looks better than before, it doesn’t look as good.

For this, trying negating and then unioning the middle of the cup. The coffee shouldn’t be rising that high.
The door doesn’t match the coloring and those bricks are not properly placed.

Yeah that’s the plugin I used. Although about the cup, earlier I was trying to use nagating and unioning to make the handle but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Is there a really simple way and I’m just being dumb? Also for the bricks I though they might look better if they were kinds spread like that, it’s my first time doing them so I wasn’t sure what to do. Thanks for all the feedback!

Skip to 1:09 in the video, that might help you. It just needs experience and practice. Watch other people do it and trying doing it yourself.

I’m unsure how those letters were your end result? I just put in the letters and got this;

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Too much space between the letters.

Ok thanks for the video, for the letters I just set it to font 1 and that’s what came out.

Exactly like this?

Oh, for mines I made only the first letter capitalized, also I had to spell it backwards because it was being funky.

Capitalize it all, don’t change anything else except for changing this to “4”.

Ok I’ll try that, that then, thanks.

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Oh yeah that seemed to work, although I kinda like the other font better. Would it be acceptable if I just lessoned the amount of space between the letters?

You could use the other font, oops! You can decrease the spacing but they’ll get bunched up together, so you’d have to separate them manually and proportionately by yourself.