My Low Poly Tree!


Hello! So I just created one of my first assets for my game. Currently I have multiple low poly shops, and now I also have a tree! I would appreciate it very much if you would be able to give me some feedback on how it looks! Any criticism is welcome and wanted!

Here is what it looks like:

Thank you for reading this! :slight_smile:


I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:

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It looks great, I like the design of the tree with the branches coming out from the trunk into the leaves, and the color choice looks great for it as well.

Overall, great style and design of it, nice work! :+1:

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Thank you! (30 Charactersssss)

It’s a decent tree model i think there should be more leaves in many different shapes and sizes. In my opinion you could improve the leaves. Right now they look slightly large and cluttered on one branch and they seem to be duplicated, but changing a few things up would improve it.

Try making them longer and have different shapes other than just one shape. The leaves look a bit big for the size of the trunk. I think you could add more branches at different heights and angles or possibly make the leaves a bit smaller for the length of the tree I think the trunk is a bit small, maybe make it a bit taller so it doesn’t look close to the ground.

If you see the image below, I think the trunk shouldn’t be to tall but maybe have a more better design.


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This looks pretty good! Nice job!

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That’s an awesome looking tree! :slight_smile:

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