My main menu for my Halo project

I’m making a Halo game in Roblox (duh), and I want to know how you guys think of my Main Menu art style so far. You can’t see it but the camera is a dynamic camera so it kinda follows the cursor to make it feel fluid (I guess I’ll say that). It’s far from done, but I want to know what you guys think.


It is simple and guarantees immersion in my opinion.
I like it. :+1:


Simple, beautiful, made with passion…
Pretty good! Keep it up!


It is simple, really good and if I would play that game I would be amazed.

I think you can Change the Font but everything else is good.


I had a really cool mesh I made that spelled the same thing out but in the original Halo Font, didn’t look so good with the UI. But I will definitely make all Header Fonts bolder because that is actually a good suggestion and might look really good.

Looks awesome! It’s simple and fancy at the same time, making it stand out. Overall a great menu

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having played all of the halos a ton, the menu is too dark. The halo is not very well defined. If the halo is fully modeled out, might as well add some sort of environmental lighting and show off your work better :slight_smile:

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Simple clean and crisp the three C’s of a good main menu, good job LOL

I played all of them too, and I had other versions of the menu too where you could see space more, the ring, and a gas giant, but people perfered it more. I might have an option in game to choose which main menu design you would rather see.

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