My marketing is getting better but sometimes many people don't join my game. Why is this the case?

Hi guys, I think this is the correct section for the problem that I have but if it isn’t then I apologize. The question I have is kind of complicated and may not necessarily apply here but I gotta ask because it somewhat bothers me. This is my first post on the forum. My objective is to try to figure out how to get people to visit my game.

Anyways, I made this game called the Tough Maze and the link to the game is here:

Here I have my game icon, my game thumbnail, and my advertisement respectively. The icon and advertisement have been the best for my game in terms of clicks and CTR percentage so far.

My problem is that many people click on these games but hardly anyone visits the game. Sometimes only 20% of clicks visit my game otherwise I generally only get 50 - 60 % of clicks actually visiting my game.

I think other developers have this kind of problem but I believe mines is a worse case and I have not necessarily found a solution to this in other devforum posts. Other than that the devforum posts have sort of showed me how to make better ads and icons.

Is there anything wrong with the design of these 3 images I just posted above or is it more of a problem with the game itself? Thanks for any feedback you guys provide. It might help me figure out whats wrong and fix the problem.

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I’ve had this problem a ton in the past, and my solution is this: advertise to your players. Learn the type of players that play your game and create ads that specifically appeal to them, so they’ll not only click the ad, they’ll play the game.

In my case when I did this, I realized my game appealed a lot more to a younger audience and/or newer accounts. So, I started making more colorful and multicolored ads, with big bold text.

I also recommend just sponsoring your game a bit. You have a flashy icon there, so I really think it’ll attract a lot of players who not only click the ad, but also play the game.

Really hope this helps you out, even in the tiniest bit.

Edit: Totally forgot to mention this but this post belongs in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

I think that one of the problems is the thumbnail for 3 reason.

1- The thumbnail is only text!
2- The font is kinda ugly.
3- Theres not drawings.
If you want, I can make you a thumbnail for free. If you are interested you can message me here in dev forums or you can DM in discord Nocimp Drawz#5061

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I don’t think I necessarily understand what you mean by advertising to my players? Do you mean that I should make more ads targeted towards the players at a certain age? Please clarify and I’m sorry if I am wasting your time.

Also speaking of age, I do have the age stats and notice that it typically has the most players where people are generally in the pre teen or higher range. However, I don’t necessarily trust the stats because I think it might be possible to lie about the age so I usually skim over it.

And yes you did help, and I have put it in the correct section so thanks for telling me that.

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First of all, thanks for your feedback on my thumbnail, it is helpful and I might contact you about it. Anyways, here why my thumbnail is this way

It was intended for players who don’t read the description and just want to play the game. I know some old popular games like Mystery Murder 1 did this so I thought it would help too.
Otherwise, I do agree with the other points you made and I definitely should make my thumbnails better.

I think the problem is that the thumbnail isn’t really good, I would learn more of GFX and try again to make it look a little bit better. The thumbnail is one of the essential things of a game, since it is the image that represents it. Hope this helped, keep working :+1:

First of all, you should work on the icon. It looks like a pretty dull icon. Looks so standard like, when they meant “the icon should narrate your game” does not mean adding the desc/about of your game.

Secondly, your thumbnail. It looks like the rules that players should keep in mind before entering your game. This is not gonna bring any exciting attention to players. Wanna make some awesome, eye-catchy thumbnails, I suggest that you should be good in gfx making, in order to make it look outstanding. Doing so, will give a huge change to players of what they felt about your game.

In a form of a basic way, the thumbnails itself should describe/explain your game of what its about. Not the logo(with words on it)

Also, try adding YouTube videos to your thumbnails as a trailer of your game, showing of what your game is all about.

First of all, your ads look ugly (especially the third one). The text in the buttons aren’t aligned, the colors are just meh, and it looks like that the ad was made in MS Paint (or similar software).

Second, your thumbnail doesn’t include what your obby looks like. It’s telling me what your point of difference is (which I assume is your same map different difficulties) but it’s not telling me what I’m getting. It’s kind of like selling perfume to someone but not telling them how it smells like.

A mysterious element to a game is good only if it’s done well and it doesn’t even appeal to pre-teens which is the main demographic for obby games.

Good luck!

True, I should put a map of maze but there is one problem and I should have mentioned this but I will now. The thing is that Roblox recommends that sizes of 1920 x 1080 pixels thumbnails are good.

However, whenever I use roblox studio at best I can only get maybe 1300 x 600 pixels for screenshooting and if I upload such thumbnail on my game, it doesn’t fill up all the space and leaves the blank rows on top and bottom which makes the thumbnail look weird to the user. I don’t know if there is another way to take a picture of my map and getting a bigger thumbnail so I’m stuck on that :confused:

Otherwise, yeah based on everyone else in the forum I do need to make GFX and thumbnails better, its just I’m not 100% sure what it should look like, otherwise I kind of know how to do GFX.

Maybe you could check out this post? Haven’t tried it myself but then it might be worth the shot.

You could maybe use the noob, pro, legend meme as an ad and add photos of the obby gfx comparing the different modes. I’m not that sure if the meme’s still mainstream with kids though.

Thanks for the suggestions iPantasticGuy. I slept and thought about it last night so I think I know what to put for my GFX thumbnail. I have all the feedback from many people so I know exactly what to fix, thanks to everyone for your help in making my game better.

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