My Menu GUI for SNS

Hello! This is another one of my Hourly posts! (I post alot) And here’s the Menu GUI for SNS [Sunday Night Singin’] Each character is for story mode if you haven’t seen my other post. [I know the GUIs look thin and / or out of place, this is still a WIP]

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 8.41.56 PM

Hope you enjoy! Have a Nice day!

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This is cool but them characters skinny like toothpicks, you should make the boxes wider

Thats what I said I was going to

All in all, very cool GUI! I would change the size of the characters, as they appear very small compared to what they actually should look like. If you fix this, it’ll be amazing! You have done a great job; keep up the great work!

(Edit: I am blind! I am sorry for saying that, you mentioned it’s a WIP above. Great GUI!)

Idk if it was intentional, but you spelt “World” with two d’s.

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Increase the UI boxes sizes, the characters are too thin and slim.

The character images are very distorted and stretched. Why not just use viewport frames…

Sorry my computer acts up sometimes

I’ve just fixed up the GUI. Here it is.

Hope you enjoy! (Theres also blur in the background)

try to make the sizing of the names more consistent