My mesh has this weird line on in it when i import it from blender into roblox studio and i don't know what to do

Screenshot 2024-05-06 103937


Check your normals. Looks like they are inverted in studio.
In blender, go to the viewport overlays tab and check “face orientation”
If its blue, its good.
If its red, hit alt-n in edit mode and hit ‘flip’

thanks for the response but i have made sure all the faces are facing the correct way and even tried making them face the wrong way on purpose to no avail.

Have you tried clearing custom split normals data?

how do i do that? i tried looking on google but couldn’t figure that out


Under the Data tab → Geometry Data → Clear custom split normals data

again sorry it didn’t work, i tried it both ways

Yeah seems like my knowledge of how to fix this has been exhausted. Hope you find a fix or something.

maybe try custom normals? Using the dataTransfer modifier.

Is there any TextureID that automatically gets applied upon import? If you have a texture then it’s probably just the UVs getting messed up. Also try making the mesh smaller or larger and changing the lighting technology along with CastShadow. This is a really weird problem and I hope that I can help.

In blender try Ctrl + A and select all transforms then check your normals