My mesh texture have grey lines and become transparent when the camera gets farther away

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I do not see the problem. I guess you talk about the legs and hands, it may be a lighting thing. I see is very bright in your images.

its not the lights, this happened even with out the lights and also i tried to turn off CastShadow for the meshes it didnt work

I am finding resources, and Imma test what you’ve said

did you find anything?, I’ve been trying for hours now I tested everything :frowning: nothing is working

I noticed that only the UV Spheres from blender meshes has this problem

please if you found anything tell me, here is also a blender file that includes a sphere that has this problem

Blnder File : Problem.blend (734.5 KB)

the Texture i used for the model : RobloxColors

This is a usefull piece of knowledge. I will try more. For now I am having troubles finding a good mesh…