My Mesh won't import, Error 500

Is anybody successful with uploading these meshes with Roblox’s mesh importer plugin? And if so, does some flat surfaces just not appear? What to do?

Spacestation.fbx (4.0 MB)

You can do nothing about it because the HTTP 500 code means “Internal server error” so it’s an issue on roblox’s end

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Hi there Arty!

Error 500 tends to happen quite a bit. Usually this is on Roblox’s end. Some other things that I find that help from time to time:

  1. Reupload your mesh to see if it works when trying again.
  2. Change the name of your FBX object. Reimport.
  3. Make sure your mesh can be imported into studio and doesnt hit a max tri count.

You also mentioned that some flat surfaces do not appear. This sounds like inverted normals, which is when faces are facing the opposite direction (and are therefore only rendered on the other side). If you can view your missing faces from their opposite side, this confirms it.

To fix it:

  • Go to the top right, click on this little icon and check off ‘Face Orientation’

    If there are any obvious red faces, those are your inverted faces.
  • Select all your red faces. There are ways to do this through shortcuts if there are a LOT of them (different methods so I would recommend google search!). How I usually tackle this is by shift clicking them if they are a few faces. If whole objects are inverted, you can quickly select all connected vertex by hovering over the object and hitting L.
  • Once all your inverted normals are selected, click on Mesh > Normals > Flip. This should fix your issue! After that, simply reimport into roblox.

Another issue may be that you have ngons, which are faces with more than 4 edges. These can be very complicated for the computer to process, and therefore should be avoided as much as possible. You can fix this by merging vertices or by using the Knife tool to cut through the ngon and make quads or triangles.

Hope this helps!


First of all I want to say that I really appreciate the response. I’ve imported this into Unreal Engine and got no problem. As a topology lover I can assure you that I don’t have inverted normals. As seen below the meshes import flawlessly inside Unreal Engine. If it’s not too much to ask I’d love to know if you’re able to import the fbx into Roblox yourself.


The flat surfaced meshes I was talking about that does not appear in Studio get the red warning symbol and just do not render. Neither side, not a single vert.

Bump. Anybody else wanna hop on this thread?

As seen in this image. Everything is sturdy, uniform, triangulated & correctly modeled. Yet some flat walls and floors won’t render at all. They’re meshes with empty vertices

Red warning symbol? Hmmm.

Totally would love to give the import a shot and see if I can help resolve this for you. Seems like an odd issue.

I think the Error 500 was due to too many meshes. Anyhow, I can import the station in 2 halves which I did, but I’d be surprised if you’re able to make the walls and floors appear in Roblox Studio somehow.

Hey! I hate to say this, but Roblox SUCKS at handling thin objects. I personally have to add a little bit of depth to every mesh that is 1 face thin. Roblox simply doesn’t render it, or renders it as ASTROMONICAL proportions.

When importing, if you’re using Object Groups and the FIRST SPLIT MESH fails to import on try 1, Roblox usually doesn’t retry and spits out an error 500. Why? I don’t know. It’s stupid.

Depending on the split object name, you may want to rename the object to something else in Blender. Why? Roblox usually errors if the FIRST SPLIT MESH has a name that gets moderated. I personally have a lot of trouble with Curves that are named like “Nerbs”.

I spent 30 minutes last night smashing my head against my desk in rage trying to figure out why I kept getting so many error 500s because the first mesh was getting rejected due to it’s name in Roblox.

If you’re not already, I would recommend using multiple smaller meshes instead of many bigger meshes. This can be done by exporting via Material Groups or Object Groups of the obj export screen.

When importing, make sure to “Import With Location” via right clicking all of the meshes in the Asset Manager and selecting “Import With Location”

Hope that helps. Feel free to respond with more questions. Also, that image in unreal looks amazing. Nice job!

Not sure if I can use any of this information for Roblox to magically start rendering in normal meshes then, also to mention that the error 500 I fixed by importing the station in two halves. In which each half consists of maybe 300 meshes. Very small ones though. But still got multiple wall sections and floor invisible as seen above. Please let me know if there’s every a solution to this by not solidifying.

Unless someone else can chime in, in my personal experience the answer is no.


As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to do this. You will need to convert your 4 vertices into 6 vertices, like a rectangle.