My Minigame Game: 'Quadrants'

What can I add to this game to actually make it stand out. I’m not very imaginative, so thinking of minigame ideas is not easy. If you have any suggestions, whether they’re minigame ideas or feedback, I would really like to hear them!

The game link: (Quadrants Testing Place (Unreleased) - Roblox)

I can see that the game is inspired by Epic Minigames.

The problems I saw is that

  • Player collides, can push you out thus making you lose and will make it unfair for everyone.
  • The gui is not working!
  • The floor is lava minigame have short amount of time to go part to part! (Make it 5 - 4 seconds)

Things that I recommend

  • Fast mode settings, for potato devices this removes the materials making it less laggy for them.
  • Give them something to do on lobby! Rather than afking while in lobby, make a slpeef
  • Give the lobby more designs, it look boring seeing just grey parts
  • Global leaderboard
  • Spectator mode
  • Taunts and Emotes
  • Level system

That’s all I got, I hope that helps!


Thank you very much, your feedback is valued :pray:

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